When I transferred schools and had to start all over again, I was definitely intimidated, but that doesn’t mean you have to be!

To see the smiles on their faces as well as their curiosity for a higher education brought great joy to me.

A student entrepreneur’s perspective
“I committed to it, and a year later have no regrets.”

The month of October is already upon us! A time when students are on the hunt for internships or job opportunities, and employers are seeking out the cream of the crop.

© Photo by Lauren Mancke It’s that time of year again, and yes I know, the summer slump is real my fellow college students. How are we ever going to survive saying our final goodbyes to our dear friend, summer? Whether you’re a freshman who is eager & ready to embark on a soul search to find yourself or a senior suffering from a severe case of senioritis, here are some tips on how to hit the ground running this fall quarter. Invest in a planner During the first week of school, I like to mark down the important dates after each class. This is key to ensuring you stay on top of things & hold yourself accountable. Once you’re done completing a task, highlight it or cross it off so that the tasks that aren’t completed stand out! DON’T OVERSTUDY All nighters should never be the answer! Been there, done that. I found that I did better on exams when I didn’t allow myself to stay up later than 12:00 a.m. Rather than staying up late, I’d sleep for 6-8 hours & wake up mentally prepared and sharp to tackle the material I was wrestling with. Don’t make studying Read more...