Feature Friday: Maryanne Tekin & Kids’ College Day at the ZSB

26 Jan 2018

On November 28, a group of twenty-eight 4th grade students from Collett Elementary School visited the Zapara School of Business to experience a day of higher education as part of service learning for the UNST/UNHR 404C class.

Maryanne Tekin, the group leader, had the honor of leading her class throughout the quarter to prepare for this event. “It was such a wonderful experience to work together with my classmates to bring our vision to life while making a lasting impression on these fourth graders,” she begins, “and we had three activities for the students to engage in revolving around our theme of Superheroes.”

The first of the three rotations was: Superhero Training

(Or outdoor sports relay and team-building activity)

The activity was more than an outdoor relay, and a strong emphasis on teamwork, communication, and problem solving was stressed. This baton race began with a tug of war between both teams, and then transitioned into a station where the students showcased their soccer dribbling skills. The baton was then passed to the students who rushed to the middle of the field where a table was set up with two separate puzzles. Their goal was to work with the college students to put together the puzzles, which taught them the importance of communication. Once the puzzles were put together, the baton was handed off to the next set of students who finished the race off with a sac race.

The second of the three rotations was: The Slime Lab

(An innovative hands-on science experience)

The popular trend of making slime was used as an experiment to introduce the kids to the wonderful world of science. Aside from the activity being something that every kid would want to partake in, they were taught how this chemical reaction works. The third rotation was an exploration of careers that featured four different booths, and a gift shop in which the students could purchase items with the coins they earned visiting the booths. The goal was to introduce the students to the different career options out there, in hopes of sparking their interest in attending college one day.

The third and final rotation was: Superhero Day Jobs

(An exploration of career paths)

This featured four different career booths and a gift shop in which the students could purchase items with the coins they earned visiting the booths. The career booths consisted of a finance booth, in which the students were able to double their money by tossing plastic balls into three separate bins: The Apple Inc. bin, the Disneyland bin, and the Stark Industries bin. The second booth was called “The Law Game” and explored the journey of law. The objective was to land plastic balls in one of the five paths: high school, college, law school, attorney, and judge, facts of each path were laid out. The third booth was the medical booth in which a few of my classmates dressed up as doctors and measured the kids heart rates before and after a quick adrenaline activity. The fifth booth was the communications booth, this activity relied on communication and teamwork. At this booth, one student was blindfolded while the other students had to help guide them through a maze. Last, was the gift shop. A booth that allowed the students to trade the coins they earned for superhero themed items such as toys, notebooks, headphones, games etc.

Maryanne Tekin © Rodolfo Bonifaz

“To see the smiles on their faces as well as their curiosity for a higher education brought great joy to me. The kids’ college day was fantastic because a seed has been planted in a group of brilliant young minds,” she states, “and I believe education is our most powerful tool that we must use in order to equip our future leaders with the right set of skills for success. Thank you to all of my classmates for your hard work, preparation, and dedication.”

Collett Elementary 4th graders © Rudy Bonifaz
Collett Elementary 4th graders © Rudy Bonifaz
Outdoor sports relay and team-building activity © Rudy Bonifaz
Exploration of careers activity © Rudy Bonifaz
Exploration of careers activity © Rudy Bonifaz
Innovative hands-on slime lab © Rudy Bonifaz
Graduation ceremony © Rudy Bonifaz

All photos were taken by Rudy Bonifaz, a senior marketing major, who mainly focuses on fashion and commercial photography.

If you are interested in some of his work, check out his website www.rudybonifazphotography.com or instagram rudybonifazphotography

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