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It’s recruiting season at Adventist Health System and and we’ve got some exciting updates from Norman Miles, their Director of Leadership Development, for students interested in management and finance internships and positions.

AHS will now be utilizing an interactive digital interviewing platform called HireVue (www.hirevue.com) .  The technology provides the opportunity to reach a wider pool of candidates in a much more efficient and effective manner.  The interview consists of five (5) questions that candidates are given two (2) minutes to answer each.  Candidates have an opportunity to practice and re-record an answer once.  The interview will take between 25-30 minutes. Advantages to this process include:

★ Convenient: Candidates interview on THEIR time

★ Mobile:  Anywhere, anytime

★ Fair:  All candidates are asked same questions

★ Personal:  Candidates can tell their story

★ Broader Reach:  We can share interviews across hiring teams for those who may not be intern or resident eligible but a good fit for the organization in a traditional hiring capacity

When you are ready, get started by clicking here. Engage in this process early to stand out before the rush of applications begin in the coming months. And remember, this is a real interview so be prepared, dress professionally, and find a distraction-free place to record your answers.

Representatives from AHS will also be at La Sierra University on October 14-15, 2015 to meet with candidates and attend our Meet the Firms Night event.

John Razzouk

John Razzouk

Program Manager at Zapara School of Business, La Sierra University
Since 2009, John Razzouk has worked as our Coordinator for Program Management, Sam Walton Fellow for our Enactus Team, and TEDxOrganizer for our world-class TEDxLaSierraUniversity event.
John Razzouk

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